Techno Filter is the knowledge centre in the field of process- and industrial filtration, within the range of 0.01 up to appr.2000 microns. Specialisation by limitation of the retention rate range makes us unique. This enables us to choose the perfect solution to a filtration problem like no other.

For the filtration of gasses and fluids, we advise and supply various filter housingsfiltersfilter modules, en filter bags, for a.o.:

  • The beverage industry
  • The chemical industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry and hospitals
  • The electronic industry
  • The diary industry
  • Energy
  • O.E.M. manufacturers, a.o. R.O. systems & UV

The filtration of fluids is no so much an exact science as the art of experience. Often, more than one solution is possible. Our challenge is to select the most efficient solution (value for money), and furthermore find the right balance between safety and the customer’s demands. A too-low capacity filter housing often results in large pressure drops, as well as a shorter element lifetime and therefore a higher exchange frequency and higher usage costs. Our filter specialists make a thorough analysis of your process. Usually this is preceded by a “Plant survey”, and filter tests are frequently implemented.

Techno Filter researches and assesses the complete picture:

  • Efficiency, quality, and reliability,
  • Maintenance- and replacement costs,
  • Availability and process continuity,
  • Specific process-/product demands,
  • Ease of use,
  • Safety risks,
  • Environmental aspects.

If required we can implement filter tests within your company, with your partners, or with third parties. Because we want to give you the best advice, we can assist you on location.

Techno Filter can provide training, especially for operators and maintenance personnel, in order to enable correct implementation and use of filter systems, filter cartridges, and filter bags. These trainings also focus on all relevant aspects, such as safety, quality assurance, and ease of use. Particularly for the beverage and pharmaceutical industries we also pay attention to a.o. HACCP, sterilisation, disinfection, and hygiene.

With commitment and passion, our filter specialists are happy to make an independent analysis of your process, with point for improvement. We provide customised solutions.

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