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Your filtration process investigated. Unique in the filter industry

  • Do you have technical problems in your filtration process?
  • Would you like to improve efficiency?
  • Are you currently using the most suitable type of filter?
  • Are your maintenance costs rising?
  • Would you like the vulnerability of filters in your production process investigated?
  • Are your current filters value for money?
  • Do you already implement preventive investigation? Because preventing problems is cheaper than solving them.

Optimise your filtration process?

Optimising your filtration process is our profession. With our 30 years of experience in the filter industry we will investigate your entire filtration process, from start to finish. Whether you are experiencing problems already, or wish to take preventive action in order to stay ahead of problems. Or if you wish to now if your filters perform optimally with respect to both lifetime and usage costs.

What we do during the TF Freescan® is actually quite simple, but at the same time requires very specialist knowledge. We analyse your filtration process into detail and assess the possibilities to improve your production quality, solve and/or prevent problems, improve efficiency, and advise you about these issues without any obligation on your part. During the scan, we will also pay serious attention to the improvement-to-payback-period ratio.

For other Techno Filter customers the TF FreeScan® has led to an increase of the production capacity, significantly less production stops, and thus to efficiency improvement.

Reserve your own TF FreeScan®:

Our expert team is ready to carry out the Techno Filter FreeScan® for your organisation without obligation on your part.